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Live Edge Bed Frame - Limited Edition

Live Edge Bed Frame - Limited Edition

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Handmade of live edge ash and solid fir wood, this piece is absolutely gorgeous. Assembles in a breeze and built to last a lifetime. Features a matching bench for the footboard. Truly a one of a kind piece, even without considering the varied nature of live edge.


King 78"x83". Queen 62"x83". Double 56"x78". Headboard is 47" tall. Footboard is 24". Space under the bed is 8". Bottom of the mattress sits at 11".

Additional Information

-Bed frames are made with hand selected lumber from regulated and responsible forest harvesting practices.

-They are finished with non-toxic, virtually ordorless wood stain and varnish. See SamaN brand for more information. The back of the headboard is not stained, unless requested.

-Package includes headboard, footboard, two side rails, center support and platform style slats.

-Occasionally, frames will develop a squeak. To fix this, simply tap the inside fittings on the side rails with a hammer. This may need to be done a few times until the parts settle into place.

-Bedframes are generally finished in such a way to highlight the natural variations and minor imperfections of the wood and the crafting process. We are always on the look out to improve our products and each piece is made by hand, therefore minor modifications may occur. The settings on your screen may misrepresent the colour, which is not covered by our guarantee.

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